Pastor Gerry

Pastor Gerry Kuhnke

Pastor Gerry Kuhnke is the solo pastor at St. Paul. He is 39+ years old and has been in the ministry for 22 years. He was born in Horicon, WI and went to St. Stephen’s elementary school as well as Northwestern Prep in Watertown, WI. In his third year of college preparing for the ministry, he dropped out of school. He was in the Air Force for four years, serving in Vietnam. He was in real estate for many years, all the time running away from the Lord. He spent two years of his life addicted to drugs and homeless.

When he was 43 years old, the Lord got a hold of Pastor Gerry big time and within three weeks, he was back in WI. He enrolled in Northwestern College and at the young age of 50, he graduated from the seminary.

He spent seven years in a mission congregation in Twin Lakes, WI. During that period of time, the Lord blessed his ministry with a new church building. The original church was a double wide trailer. Two resale centers, a pre-school and a day care center, along with two assisted living centers were all a blessing from the Lord that happened under Pastor Gerry’s leadership.

In 2001, he accepted a call to The Church (previous name Christ Memorial) in Fitchburg, WI, where he was one of three pastors. During that period of time, the Lord recharged his life batteries so that he could be an instrument of change at St. Paul in Madison, WI.

In 2005, he came to St. Paul that was inwardly focused and declining in membership. In the past 12 years, many changes have happened. As you look at the outreach arm of St. Paul, a 501c3 corporation called Living in Community Inc., you will see four major ministries that the Lord has blessed under Pastor Gerry’s leadership.

  1. Bread of Life Food Pantry (4th largest in Dane County)
  2. Senior Connections
  3. KidStuff
  4. Vets Connect (launch date of October 6, 2016)

In conclusion, Pastor Gerry dresses in shorts and jeans, pullovers and sweat shirts most of the time. He is one of us, the members of St. Paul. You can be totally transparent with him because he has been transparent with us. It’s all about Making Jesus Real in Our Community. So do your math. How old is he?


Lynn Kuhnke

Lynn Kuhnke is an integral part of the life of the congregation. Lynn is Director of Inspiring Worship. When you look at the worship formats which change every week, she generates them so that we worship the Lord from the heart.

Lynn is a cancer survivor. In 2003, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. After radiation and chemotherapy treatments, she was diagnosed as cancer free in 2008. In January of 2012, she was having pain in her lower back. After three months of treatment under a chiropractor’s care, she went to her primary doctor and was diagnosed as having reoccurring cancer that was localized in her L-4 and L-5 vertebrae.

After four years of treatment, including a recently approved drug by the FDA and thousands of prayers, she is definitely on the mend. What an honor it is for me, her husband, best friend and pastor to write this summary of Lynn’s dedication to the Lord and her ministry here at St. Paul.


Tina Brassfield

Tina Brassfield has been the St. Paul Administrative Assistant since May of 2013.  Some of her duties include: coping bulletins, preparing the News & Notes, quizzes & outlines for the bulletin inserts, helping update the church website and doing additional duties as directed by Pastor Kuhnke or the Director of Inspiring Worship, Lynn Kuhnke.

While not working she enjoys spending time with her husband Jody and their children Wyatt & Autumn.


Sue Gould

Sue Gould has been our food pantry manager since Jan 2011. In addition to handling deliveries, organizing volunteers and stocking the pantry, Sue is also the Activities Director for our Senior Connections program on Thursdays. On the rare occasions Sue is not working, she enjoys kickboxing and hanging out with friends.

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